When LGBTQ becomes a criminal activity!

The other day my wife asked me if I wanted to watch the documentary “What is a Woman?” by Matt Walsh. I knew this issue came up at the confirmation hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson and I was honestly not in the mood to keep digging into this issue since in today’s day and age, people like to get offended by literally everything and everyone.

But I gave it a chance and watched it anyway, and after finishing it I came to realize how mentally twisted many people have become. If you hate Matt Walsh, republicans and center right politics you probably haven’t watched it. If that’s the case, here’s my challenge to you; go watch it, keep reading this article and then let me know if you agree with me or not.

In that documentary Mr. Walsh travels around the world, asking random people on the street “what is a woman?” and surprisingly enough people look confused, having no real idea what to say.

We all know that a woman is an adult female. But I guess in 2022 the answer to that question is way more complicated than I thought, or people just don’t want to say it out loud since feelings might get hurt and perhaps, they are being targeted by those extreme pro transgender groups?!

Walsh interviews several pro transgender people, and these people include medical doctors, a politician, psychiatrists and educators.

The pro transgender people sure love to talk about gender, gender identity, gender equality, etc., but as soon as they are asked “what is a woman?” they feel attacked, call the questioning hostile and want to end the interview. Now, I give them credit having agreed to the interview, but as soon as they are being challenged, they want to stop. These people don’t like to be questioned/challenged, that’s for sure.

Anyway, long story short; I didn’t care about people being homosexual, going on parades partying, whatever (whatever floats your boat), until now. What changed you ask? It’s becoming more and more overtly sexual, plus now they don’t just expose children to this sexual orientation, they force feed it to them, try to change school curriculums (some already have!), parents and so-called medical professionals support gender mutilations performed on children. These are underaged non-consenting children, being taken advantage of for other people’s personal agenda. Look at Ryland Whittington for instance. How can a five-year-old decide what gender he/she is? This, ladies and gentlemen, is child abuse, plain and simple! Parents, teachers, medical professionals who support this gender transitioning and therefore support and feed the gender identity crisis should be prosecuted! Medical doctors who perform any kind of gender mutilation (those are permanent!), psychiatrist who prescribe puberty blockers, etc. should lose their medical license for life and also be prosecuted!

These kids are so confused about all this, but not because of other kids, they are confused because of adults!!!! Adults caused this problem, purposely or not, it doesn’t matter. Parents are failing their kids!! We are supposed to protect them and teach them how to be a good, productive and successful person in life!

Parents fail their kids by exposing them to these extremist groups who sexualize everything. If you are gay and an adult, and your lover is an adult too, I’d say that 90% of people in this country do not care about it! But when you have to sexualize everything and “perform” in front of an underaged audience, that makes you a sexual predator in my book. Not just a sexual predator, but a pedophile one. You should be prosecuted!!! Parents who allow this should be prosecuted!!!

But in order to understand what these people are celebrating; we first need to understand what LGBTQ stands for. Sure, you know that already. But do you really?!

“LGBTQ is an abbreviation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning. These terms are used to describe a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.” This comes straight from the gaycenter dot org.

My question is; Are lesbians not gay?
Another question; is a bisexual man simply not just gay?
So, three letters of their word soup mean the same thing, yes?!

Transgender…. that’s something bigger. Why? Because now we have a medical diagnosis, called Gender dysphoria. If you are diagnosed with this, you are a mental health patient. You should seek help and treatment and not force your mental illness onto others!

Queer: Here’s again a gaycenter quote: “An adjective used by some people whose sexual orientation is not exclusively heterosexual.” Okay, sounds simply just gay to me, unless you like having sex with animals…

But wait, there’s more: “Typically, for those who identify as queer, the terms lesbian, gay, and bisexual are perceived to be too limiting and/or fraught with cultural connotations they feel don’t apply to them. Some people may use queer, or genderqueer, to describe their gender identity and/or gender expression. Once considered a pejorative term, queer has been reclaimed by some LGBTQ people to describe themselves; however, it is not a universally accepted term even within the LGBTQ community.”

Okay, this sound like you are now really confused and just need this special niche to really fit in and have an identity so you feel better and accepted by society. These are truly 1st world problems, it sure is a sad state of affairs!!

The Questioning thing is self-explanatory, but unfortunately you are not allowed to question those who came up with and support that “Q” in that letter mix.

So, in the end you are either homosexual, currently confused and/or mentally ill. But yet, we give a whole month to this movement. And it’s not like they are just happy being recognized as gay’s, no. These pride parades and parties bring out the weirdest of the weird, sexual predators, convicted child molesters, sex addicts, etc. and they demand that everyone is just okay with it. And if you are not, they’ll start bullying you and call you names. Well, I’m not okay with it and I don’t care what they call me.

Another detail that’s easy to miss, the pro transgender people in that documentary couldn’t define “woman” on camera, or they just refused, I don’t know. But if you listen carefully, you’ll realize that they don’t argue science, facts and truth – because they can’t! They argue feelings and their personal opinions! And if a 5yr old has a feeling that he/she is the other gender than the parents have to support him/her (in their opinion) and even agree to permanent bodily mutilation. You might call that support; I call that child abuse! This is criminal!!!

Again, if you are an adult and homosexual, you partner is an adult and homosexual – no one cares!
You can say the same about heterosexual people too by the way!
If you are 18+ of age and want to permanently mutilate your own body – go ahead!

But enough is enough with this crazy, criminal transgenderism. Stop exposing underaged children to your sickness!

This is my call to all the DA’s out there, law-enforcement personnel, teachers, parents etc.; if you see/hear this kind of child abuse (grooming) please report, please investigate and please prosecute!

Questions, complaints, threats?

Email me!



Violence and the cry for a solution!

Two days ago, violence struck again. Another school shooting took place in the United States, this time in Uvalde, TX. And this time an elementary school was targeted. 19 children and 2 adults were killed. I’m not sure how many, incl. police were injured.

I can only in part understand what the parents are going through right now. It was a heinous crime, carried out by a mentally deranged coward and understandably many people are crying out for a solution, a change.

People need to find something or someone they can blame. And the first thing they blame is guns. They want to ban guns, plain and simple. Because, unfortunately, many people think if we take guns away this violence towards other people will stop. I hate to tell you that it won’t. But in short, the ones to blame is us! We have failed the children!!

These type of law changes are “feel good” laws and they may seem good at first, but they will not give you the expected outcome. Many people think that guns, or the access to them, are the root cause of violence. They couldn’t be more wrong. Unfortunately, many are blind (or naive) when it comes to the real root cause, because they take offense to that. Or simply don’t believe it.

Here is my take on the real issues we have, and I will further provide you with a solution I think will positively effect change in this country.

Now, I’m aware that the internet is full of “experts” and that everyone has an opinion. I have conversations on social media like many others, but when it comes to solutions some people don’t want to hear your side, even telling me that no one cares about my opinion. Perhaps. But at least I offer one, and I’m seeking out the dialogue, which many refuse to do. It’s easier to point fingers and blame others instead of reaching out to each other, offering a hand and working on a solution together.

For decades we have tremendously evolved when it comes to technology. Imagine having to visit the dentist 100yrs ago. Medicine, transportation, construction, manufacturing, farming, etc., immense progress has been made. Did the same amount of evolvement happen with us as both individuals as well as society? No. Or at least not in the same ratio as with technology. Let me explain.

Thanks to hard working people in the past, today’s society as we know it became so comfortable that we actually reverted from a society that “did what needed to be done” to “do as little as possible!” We are a 1st world country, and we truly have everything we need to survive readily available. We don’t need to conquer other nations, and so far, there’s a good chance we don’t get conquered by another nation. We don’t have to go out and hunt anymore, we can just go to the market and buy our food. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, but it made us too comfortable as society and according to the news, grossly overweight too!

The other thing is that parents cannot be parents anymore. Some people think parents should be friends with their kids. Unfortunately, this is wrong as well. Parents need to be able to parent their children and some just need more discipline than a time-out or a sit down and talking about feelings. You can be friends with them later. Not every parent who is raising their voice is automatically violent towards their children. This is a gross misrepresentation from both extremist wannabe super parent groups as well as the news.

The internet has a bad influence on our kids, and this is mostly thanks to lazy parents. Many parents give their kids, even little kids, a cell phone or tablet to play with just so the kid stops whining and complaining. Or just looking for something to do with their parent (God forbid). This is because they don’t really want to be a parent, they want to go the easy way. Many kids even have unrestricted internet access, and some parents don’t even check their browsing history. “Hey, the kids are occupied and quiet” right?!

How many parents still instill respect, discipline and manners in their kids? How many hold them responsible when they mess up? How many talk about ethics and morale? Actions and consequences? Personal responsibility? How to treat others? Conflict management? How many have real talks with them instead of telling them it’s okay to be the victim, it’s someone else’s fault? We should never underestimate the role models we as parents assume when we have kids. They do watch and listen!

Unfortunately, the internet is full of inappropriate things, violent things, disturbing and outright sick things. With the click of a button (or a swipe) you get everything you can imagine.

Which leads to the next problem, outside influence. We trust our school system with our kids, and that goes from the part-time bus driver all the way up to the district superintendent. These people are in a position of trust and authority, simply due to the positions they hold, and if these people (all adults by the way!) take advantage of it, we have a huge problem!

How many times do we read about sexual abuse by a teacher or other person affiliated with a school? Way too many!!!

Unfortunately, in some schools this is wanted. Schools and colleges allow their professors and teachers to “teach” personal opinions and feelings to their students instead of facts. Not just anti-American opinions, but also Pro BLM and pro transgender teachings are allowed if not even encouraged and this will ruin the kids in the long run, possibly even for the rest of their lives. Kids are so impressionable and innocent, they absolutely do not need to hear about your mental illness and why you want to switch from one gender to another! Transgender people should not be teachers anywhere!!! They should rather have a regular schedule with a good therapist! They also don’t need to hear how a group that praises and condones violence, especially against police and white people and then bullies millions of dollars out of people is something good. Just because you slap a nice sounding name on something doesn’t make it a righteous cause.

Coming back to the internet, it really allows for people to show their true colors. People have become rude and disrespectful. The relative anonymity of the internet is great for that. But it transpires into real life as well unfortunately. When was the last time someone held the door open for you? Helped out a person on crutches or in a wheelchair? Bought a homeless person a meal? Is respectful while talking to others? Is patient in traffic, using blinkers and rearview mirrors? Wrote an email with at least some formality or etiquette? Appreciate men and women in uniform? Pay it forward? Stop and offer help when you are stranded with your vehicle? Come and help when you are in distress instead of videotaping it? Laughing when you trip and fall instead of helping you back on your feet? The list goes on.

Now, there’s good people out there, don’t get me wrong. I do think the majority of this country are good people. But we also have scumbags and flat-out evil people among us, and these are the ones we need to watch out for!

This was just regarding us as society. We’ve got work to do for sure and the best way to go about it is to lead by example. Which leads me to our elected officials.

It has been said that the shooter in Uvalde, TX bought the two rifles at a gun store. If you never purchased a gun from an FFL (Federal Firearms License) dealer, here’s a quick rundown. It’s a two-part process. Part one is to fill out ATF form 4473 and you will have to show a picture ID! This is a paper form the buyer fills out without any help from the dealer. The dealer checks the form and if filled out correctly proceeds to perform an FBI NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) on said buyer. The NICS gets info from other databases. The NICS can come back as proceed, denied, cancelled or delayed. The fact that the shooter passed that check only shows that he had no criminal background. No law was broken at this time, unless he lied on the 4473 (which is a crime!). But I’m sure the ATF has already spoken with that FFL dealer and inspected the paperwork. I have no news on that one.

When it comes to private gun sales it’s up to state law. Some states allow it, and some don’t. But if your state allows it the sale is your responsibility. Just know that you can insist on a background check on the buyer via an FFL dealer. We do have a box we can check for a private transfer!!! I also recommend to ALWAYS do a bill of sale. This way you have proof of the sale, and your sale is trackable!

Again, I understand why some people want to ban guns. Unfortunately, violent people won’t cease to exist if all guns are gone. It will only leave more people defenseless, and it will create more victims. Ask yourself, if someone breaks into your house armed with a knife, what are you going to do? Are you reaching for a knife or baseball bat and engage in a fight? Are you going on your knees, begging for your life as they rape your loved ones and make you watch just so they can kill you afterwards? Are you running, hiding? Or would you rather grab your gun and stop the threat before they can do any more harm? I know what my answer is. You might think I’m over exaggerating on this one. I’m not!

But some politicians don’t see it this way. On one side they want the people to trust and rely on the government but in the same sentence they want to defund the police and I don’t care what side of the political spectrum you are on!!! Many politicians have so many obligations to other countries and their “leaders,” but what about their obligation to the United States and us Americans?!

As I said before, we as society have a lot of work to do. But here is what the legislature can do, FOR this country and FOR the people;

  • Elected politicians and cabinet position holders are to receive a 10% pay cut.
  • Spending cap on foreign aid.
  • Real tax breaks for Americans.
  • Finish the wall on the southern border.
  • Fund law enforcement.
  • Fund the military.
  • Give power back to the individual states.
  • Investigate teachers, schools, school boards and prosecute wrongdoers.
  • Investigate high level politicians and prosecute wrongdoers.
  • Lift all federal covid restrictions.
  • Fund medical- and mental health facilities as well as staff.
  • Fund schools and the teachers.
  • Give teachers the option to lawful carry a firearm on campus if they qualified on gun range.
  • Cease gun free zones.
  • Harden school grounds and invest in technology (front door locked, cameras, tinted windows, etc.) as well as people (military, police, security, volunteers, etc.).
  • End the culture war.
  • Stop legalizing drugs and the hand-out of free crack pipes.
  • Continue the war on drugs.
  • Implement a posse in every Sheriff’s office.
  • Unleash American energy.
  • Give incentives to “Made in America’ manufacturers.
  • Stop making transgenderism sound normal.
  • Stop race baiting.
  • Stop pushing green new deals when we need the money to save lives.
  • Stop appointing pro criminal prosecutors and judges.
  • Stop giving in to special interest groups (the people of the U.S. are your interest group!).
  • Stop funding abortion clinics (with exceptions).
  • And stop sending Billions upon Billions of tax dollars to other countries for nothing in return!!!

It seems to me American politicians always know what’s best for other countries, yet they have no clue what is going on in their own front yard.

We the people need to hold them accountable. They are only in those positions because of us. We are to blame! We let those children down! For too long the focus has been elsewhere.

It is our duty to work towards policies to advance our country, to keep it prosperous and independent, to cherish our rights as well as responsibilities. We have to put Americans first!

These things don’t happen overnight. They are the result of decades of counterproductive work from both society as well as politicians.

I have many times written about my idea on Immigration reform and the truth about gun control, and if you haven’t figured it out yet, all this or most of it is interconnected.

The open border does not just bring good people who want to immigrate here and live a beautiful and prosperous life. It also brings bad people, drugs, guns, violence, prostitution, human trafficking, abuse, etc. Bad guys start selling drugs and guns in the streets. And once a person is hooked on those drugs, they will do anything to get another hit. First, they will start stealing from their parents and/or friends. Then they might become bolder and steal from people in the streets. And when they become really desperate, they participate in home invasions, robberies, etc. You ask what this has to do with a school shooting? Well, I don’t know about this particular one, but it’s opportunities like these where kids get on the wrong side of the tracks. Mentally challenged and/or -confused people are difficult to deal with sometimes since they cannot reason.

Further, our current administration despises capitalism and would rather have a system called democratic socialism. I won’t get into specifics, but in the end, it means more government control! End of story! They want you to be depended on the government so they can control you better.

I really hate to say it, but the only ones benefiting from mass shootings is the far-left democrats. They don’t even act like Statesmen anymore, most of them are political activist and are probably better off joining a radical hippie group rather than having an office in D.C. This way they have a reason to push for their agenda, a disarmed society and an all-powerful government with them in charge. They sure support a police state as long as they are the ones policing. Do I think they actually would manufacture a mass shooting to further their agenda? Yes, I do! Do I have proof? No.

The reason for the second amendment was so the people can defend themselves from a tyrannical government. Back then it was the redcoats. Now, it’s unfortunately our own government. Do I trust them? No. They haven’t worked for the people for way too long and I’m tired of anti-American policies and the constant finger pointing at the other party. They need to go get to work or get out!!!

None of this will bring back the lost lives, I know this. Tragically, it will also not prevent the next disaster from striking. No law can prevent evil doers from doing evil things! If they don’t use guns they will use bombs, poison, etc., whatever they can find. And yes, you absolutely can kill 19 people in a room with a sword. But we can be prepared and take action right away if we do our homework. Banning guns will leave law-abiding citizens defenseless! The law-abiding citizen is the solution to our problems. We need to find the good people and make this country a better place.

Imagine a United States of America without civilian owned firearms, we soon will be a Chinese or Russian territory. Don’t believe me? Check out some world history…

We made alcohol illegal and it didn’t work out. Drugs are still illegal, and it still doesn’t work out. Imagine making guns illegal. You are giving another black-market item to criminals, making them yet another fortune. They will take over the market and they will take advantage of this. Don’t be naive and not believe it! Some people are just no good!

I know this is a lengthy post but again, if you think the problem is solved by making AR style rifles illegal you will be in for a rude awakening when the next mass killing happens, or someone attacks your home or place of work, or the government want to put you in a concentration camp because you didn’t get all the medical shots they want you to get! We need men and women who understand that there is evil in this world and that we all can be affected by it. We need men and women who will stand up and face evil when the time comes, and not back down and surrender. We need toxic masculinity and Girl-Power to keep evil in check! Stop being offended by it due to your own insecurities! Go out and do something outside of your comfort zone, do something meaningful and you will actually feel accomplished and perhaps even become a role model to others.

Every parent who lost children should have our full support. Kids are incredible little Gremlins, and they are the future of this world. They are innocent and we need to protect them as best as we can, from obvious evil of course, but also from evil disguised as super progressive “we all need to be less white and more inclusive” policies!!!

This is America, we are one nation under God, and united we stand!

Jorge Estrada


How a birthday present turned into a review for the Menger Hotel.

Every year I keep thinking about what to get my wife for her birthday, and this year was no difference. I have thought about getting her another (Smart)watch, jewelry, firearm, shoes, etc. but nothing really satisfied me in a way that I would be happy presenting the gift to her. Until it hit me.

My wife likes everything ghostly and paranormal, so I remembered the time we spent in the Jerome Grand Hotel in Jerome, AZ and I was looking for something similar here in Texas. Which brings me to The Menger Hotel.

Sinister look of The Menger Hotel

The Menger Hotel is located in San Antonio, TX and is only about a 2.5hr drive from where we live. The Hotel was built in 1859 and has only expanded since then, and in 1975 the Hotel was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The Menger Hotel is supposedly one of the most haunted hotels in Texas, according to the internet, and with its old architecture and style really had both of our interest. Due to other scheduled events, I decided that the best time was to arrive on a Saturday and check out Sunday. It was meant to be a quick adult getaway before going back to regular parenting life and schedules.

I reserved the room online and it was a quick, easy and pain free process. My credit card was not charged right away but rather the previous day of the arrival and the cancellation policy is generous too (24hr and fee is waived), should something unexpected happen.

The room I chose was the “ALAMO PLAZA KING WITH BALCONY” and we stayed in room 3054, the Evelyn Raper Suite, which is located on the 3rd floor. It is a beautiful suite and, while it is modernized with furniture of more current production, has a good feel to it. It is very subtle, and you feel right at home. And while the rooms are clean and spotless, you won’t have the feeling of sitting in a sterile, modern hi-tech super hotel. It just feels natural and calming.

Photo: Courtesy of The Menger Hotel

While you can see a lot of pictures of the hotel on their website, I would like to point out the lobby, or what I call the Grand foyer (it’s more deserving of that name!). It is simply gorgeous, and this is absolutely the masterpiece of the hotel in my opinion. While walking through the foyer you will feel like you just showed your private invitation at the front door and have gained entrance to a white tie event. Just look at this!

The Colonial room is a beautiful Victorian era restaurant with pillars and arches, furnished with beautiful and comfortable chairs as well as sturdy tables. The food is good, and the staff is very friendly and helpful.

Photo: Courtesy The Menger Hotel

Just imagine…. back in the day, walking into the hotel from the original entrance, being greeted by a doorman (if there ever was one, I don’t know), you continue strolling through the Grand foyer and into the Colonial room for breakfast or lunch during the day, or to attend a Gala in the evening. You look forward meeting friends, businessmen and -women, perhaps your business partners, perhaps even a politician or two… the guests are friendly, well-mannered and dressed elegantly, soft jazz music playing in the background… you get the idea.

Currently the Colonial room only serves breakfast and lunch, dinner is served in the Menger bar where Theodore Roosevelt has recruited many of his Rough Riders. There is a Theodore Roosevelt theme going on throughout the first floor of the hotel, with many artifacts and information about him and the Rough Riders. There is also a statue of him on the outside.

Theodore Roosevelt Jr., 26th President of the United States

When we went to the bar for dinner it was tightly packed (Saturday night, go figure), and with no table service available I was quickly turned off. Since it was meant to be an adult getaway/birthday gift we opted for room service.

Turns out going the route of in-room dining was an excellent choice. The kitchen staff is very friendly and respectful, and the waiting time for two full meals was less than 30 minutes from time of order to time of delivery. We ordered the Poblano Chicken as well as an Old-fashioned Burger and both meals were plenty of food, the plating was top notch and it tasted delicious. I ordered my burger well done (yes, well done, and I’m not ashamed of it!) and it had the perfect char on it, combined with a toasted bun – absolutely delicious! My compliments to the Chef!

Of course, I had to book a ghost tour, and if you look through the hotels room package selection you can find the “Boo Package” which is a walking ghost tour offered by the Sisters Grimm. The “Boo Package” also includes a signed copy of the book “Haunted History Of Old San Antonio” by James and Lauren Swartz. Our tour guides were Mr. Lee and his female co-guide named Night Stalker… or -crawler… or -walker?! (Inside joke). Both guides were very nice and had plenty of knowledge about ghost stories and historical events. Even if you are not into ghosts and the paranormal I would still highly recommend taking this tour because you learn so much about the history of San Antonio and see a lot of very interesting and historically important locations. When it comes to architecture San Antonio is hard to beat and these old buildings and their history are just fascinating. Well worth the time and money. Our tour started at 2030h (8:30pm) and ended at around 2300h (11pm) even though the website says 2200h (10pm). So plan on spending more time because there will be a great amount of information shared with you and you can ask all the questions you want. The guides are not in a hurry to get home, just make sure you wear comfortable shoes, if I remember correctly we were being told the tour is about 3 miles.

Not a stop at the ghost tour, the U.S. Post Office and Court House

Since we are talking about ghosts, I took one of my trail cameras with me which was set to video. If you are not familiar with trail cameras, they operate via motion control and either take a single picture, a burst of pictures or video. Ours was set to video and stayed in the room some all night. This is the only video that shows something going on. It’s only a 3sec clip and you will have to watch it several times in order to see what’s really going on. There are two or three orbs and two shadows moving around. I’m not a paranormal investigator, so you probably know more about this. I’m open minded to this subject but I’m not freaking out. I also slept like a baby in the room and didn’t hear any noises, despite the internet claiming that there are over 30 ghosts in this building and people can hear noises and doors slam, etc.

Another important aspect of the hotel that’s worth mentioning is the Valet service. The staff there was very professional, very respectful and they work fast. They can also store your luggage temporarily if, for some reason, you have to wait on your room or want to go run to the store really quick after you check out but before you finally leave the hotel (that’s what we did. Check out time is at 1100h (11am) but that is when the stores in the neighboring mall open.). Our luggage was held and after 15 or 20 minutes we came back, got our vehicle/luggage and then left. There is no pressure, and it really helps out.

The only downside was that it is located in a very tourist heavy area. The Alamo as well as entertainment businesses are right next to the hotel and the stream of people never seems to cease. Also, the hotel amenities are open to the public, like the bar, restaurant, pool and garden. And there were moments when I felt like I was in a party hotel on the Las Vegas strip rather than a luxury hotel in a historic district.

Early morning view, the calm before the “storm”

To sum this up, all staff is very friendly, well-mannered and respectful. The hotel is kept clean, everything in the rooms works and their food is very good with a great selection of different proteins, fruits and sides.

If you like a (haunted) luxury hotel, historic places, old-school architecture, rich history and ghost stories and you are not bothered by the non-exist dress code (The Lord knows I wish they had one), all kinds of street “artists”, occasional loud and intoxicated hotel guests and groups of tourists, I would absolutely recommend the Menger Hotel to you.

The Historic Menger Hotel
204 Alamo Plaza
San Antonio, TX 78205
Phone: (210) 223-4361
Fax: (210) 228-0022
Email: reservations@mengerhotel.com


Gimmicks for fools!

I do have very strong reservations when it comes to full electric vehicles (EV), and I have taken my time in the past to explain why. But recently there was an Instagram poll from Car & Driver and it really showed what I’m talking about.

If you are not familiar with the C&D polls on Instagram: whenever they check out a new car, they ask the audience what they would like to see, hear, know about. In this case it was a 2022 Volvo S90 something something. A person said, “cool features,” and they showed the digital dashboard. Now, when showing the dashboard C&D also asked if you are a fan of this.

I don’t know how many people voted, but it shows a clear trend.

83% like it and 17% dislike it.

This is the road we are going down right now. People are so attracted to gimmicks, a “mouse cinema” in front of their face and (because that’s the focus) other features or, more importantly, capabilities are being ignored.

When I was young(er) a cool feature was a turbo or supercharger, or a 5-speed M/T, or hydraulic suspension. The Porsche 959 was cool, or the Mercedes-Benz W124 E60 AMG. Unfortunately, both manufacturers have lost their way in my opinion…

Anyways. Nowadays, I believe, people want to jump on the trendsetter wagon… because it’s either cool or they think they display a certain “status” with owning an EV. The status I’d give them is fool. Why? Here it goes:

If you go on youtube and look around for videos of recently made EVs, what do you see?

You’ll see boring exterior designs (with exceptions), super boring, cold, plain and soulless interior designs (no exceptions), a laptop or two slapped on the dashboard somewhere and p l e n t y of gimmicks.

The gimmicks include lightshows when you lock/unlock your vehicle or open the trunks, 500 different interior lighting color options (to “set the mood” they say), animated Mickey Mouse displays in every screen, Screens loaded with menus and sub-menus so it takes you 2 days to configure your ride, sound systems with more options than the Mofarguru menu (a restaurant in Budapest), eighteen 360° surround view cameras (because people forgot how to park), lightshows and animation when you change your drive mode (newsflash, your two feet are in charge of the drive mode!), changing the sound of the horn, autonomous driving (very dangerous but that’s a different discussion!), electric sport sound (and Porsche makes you pay extra for it!), and so many more.

What about capabilities? Well, there’s one thing that EV’s are good for: accelerating. And that’s how they get you. There are no other capabilities that outperform an ICE in the real world not even towing. Sure, you’ve got the torque, especially if you have an AWD vehicle. But keep in mind the battery power needed to pull that kind of weight. Make sure the destination is “around the corner” I’d say! But more to capabilities in a minute.

Now, do EV owners really care about the environment? Or is the “status” prevalent?

It’s not like EV’s are only charged by wind- and solar farms… that would be interesting if possible. We still rely on coal-, hydro- and nuclear power, especially nuclear. And the more electric things you want the more we have to increase the output (and therefore pollution) because we simply can’t produce enough to power the whole world with just wind and solar! And even windmills don’t run without fossil fuels…

Interestingly enough, EV owners don’t seem to care how their car is being manufactured and what all goes into it, really. Do you support slave labor? (Just asking, no need to get upset…). The quarries are not environmentally friendly and are not operated by electric excavators, bulldozers, wheel loaders and crushers. Neither are the trucks that transport the product OTR. And how do we dispose of the battery should it be defect or the time for replacement has come?

Do you know what happens with old cars that dealers, junkyards and “recycling centers” can’t sell anymore? They are being exported to countries that don’t care about emission laws. Europe is a great example during the time when they drastically kept raising the emission standards, especially on diesel vehicles. They taxed the living daylights out of people who had vehicles with older engines (there is a vehicle emission tax!), so the people sold it to dealers (if they were lucky) or brought it to junkyards (and paid for them to take it. It’s called a recycling fee!!!) because no individual wanted to buy those cars anymore (there were no exemptions for a historic vehicle at that time). All these cars ended up in 3rd world countries, because they still worked, they just didn’t meet the new European emission laws. Guess what happens if your electric motors die in today’s EV’s. I don’t think it will be feasible to repair/replace the motors, but I might be wrong. But if so, then what? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

What bothers me most is not that the automotive industry makes them, no, I’m glad American businesses show what’s possible and put their cumulative brainpower to work. What bothers me most is that politicians push the issue and try to bully and guilt trip us into submission. They have a goal! They want us, as in America, to become green and net zero (there’s no net zero, it’s false advertising!) just to say “look, we are so green and clean, please pat me on the shoulder because I did that!” all while other countries are still doing the same thing they did before. So, in the end we Americans are paying the price to be “clean” while the rest of the world still pollutes the earth like they did before, if not worse because not all EV’s and their components are made in the USA so production effort will increase elsewhere and so will the pollution. But we are forced to buy EV’s come 2035, right?! Makes so much sense…

Have you ever thought about your EV’s capabilities, other than acceleration and/or towing?

  • What is really the range on those cars (some only have ~200mls while others claim 400+ but for an added cost!!!)?
  • What do you do if there’s severe weather or an emergency?
  • Do you charge your car before you get home, or do you – in true first world fashion – just expect to have the power readily available always, all day every day to charge it at home after work?
  • What about a power outage? Would you use a gas or diesel generator to charge your car? There goes your wannabe net zero…
  • What happens if you are stuck in traffic? Detour? Through a tunnel?
  • Imagine living in Florida and you have a mandated evacuation due to a hurricane. Do you carry extra batteries?
  • Are you comfortable going on a road trip out of state? In the desert? Mountains?
  • Are you restricting yourself just to live in the currently hip and fresh bubble of being “cool, green and clean?”
  • Are you aware that their weird rim- and tire sizes of 19″, 21″ and 23″ are more expensive than 18, 20 and 22 inches? If you love the acceleration (and necessary deceleration), you better also learn to love your local tire shop.
  • Have you seen the huge windshields some have? Are you ready to fix that crack, replace the windshield or would you rather pay extra to have glass insurance?
  • Are you ready to maintain/repair/replace the many delicate mechanisms to open/close fuel doors, trunks etc. It’s all cool and fancy when it’s new, but wait until water, ice and dirt get in there.
  • Do you feel comfortable driving on a road with standing water on it?
  • Are you prepared for a real ugly scene should you – God forbid – get into an accident?
  • Are you okay to pay tens of thousands of dollars only to receive a 3yr/36K mls bumper to bumper warranty and a 8yr/100K mls warranty only on electric propulsion components? That’s only12,500 miles a year.
  • Are you willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for basically getting a computer laptop with apps on it?
  • Imagine the power your climate control will pull from the battery if you live in a very hot or very cold area, thus greatly reducing your range.

But it doesn’t have to be black or white, nor this or that. Stop with this knee jerk reaction that somehow overnight we all need to go full electric. Why not both? Everyone wants to keep planet earth healthy, but let it make sense! Why not rather focus on hybrid vehicles and explore the options more? Most importantly it needs to be feasible for most people to purchase one, so maybe less gimmicks and cut down on price a little?! Otherwise, their whole business model will collapse if people won’t buy the product and that’s not helping anyone.

I don’t buy into these gimmicks; I purchase vehicles for their look, feel and capabilities. I’d recommend you do the same and manufacturers will adjust quickly once people stop falling for buying into unnecessary things and senseless smoke and mirror shows. Because if they think their gimmicks are so cool and you should have them, they would make it available in their current vehicle lineups. But no, they want you to buy an EV in order to get these things, go figure.

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Ukraine vs. Russia vs. Aliens

On Feb 24, 2022, Russia has launched an invasion of Ukraine. The same day Ukraine was handing out weapons (mostly AK-47 rifles I think) to ANYONE willing to stay and fight (before travel ban for 18–60-year-old males was implemented), even if you are not Ukrainian.

This is a picture book perfect example of the 2nd Amendment, and this should open the eyes even to the biggest anti-gun extremists out there. The 2A was not written for hunting or the shooting sports, it is “necessary to the security of a free State” and this means a lot of things.

Besides being pro-abortion, pro cannabis and pro prostitution, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is anti-gun. This anti-gun view of his changed real fast, but perhaps still too late.

Americas past strong(er) leadership has created a nice cushiony lifestyle for many Americans, and it has created a Generation of people living too comfortable for too long. We have become a weak society, both physically and mentally, and because we were so comfortable and bored, we had to come up with 1st world problems, like the gender identity crisis, inventing the term toxic masculinity, the need for safe spaces, transgender anything (which is a mental illness in my opinion!), reverse racism, political correctness and the censoring or rewording of certain language!

The war in Ukraine is a wakeup call. If you think things can’t go (further) south in the United States, you are either naive or you are ignorant on levels never seen before.

Of course, people want to live in comfort and peace. But we don’t live in a world full of rivers of honey, marshmallow trees and rainbow farting unicorns. Evil is out there and it’s lurking, always. And if there is opportunity it will strike.

Here is my solution:

  • Secure American borders (perhaps with help of our proposal, the WEIR ACT <— click the link)
  • Repeal both the GCA and NFA!
  • Repeal the NY SAFE Act!
  • Repeal the California import ban!
  • Repeal any and all gun magazine capacity restrictions!
  • Abolish gun free zones!
  • Implement Constitutional Carry in every State!
  • Implement firearms safety classes in High Schools!
  • Implement shooting competitions in High Schools!
  • Fund the Military, Police, EMS and Fire Departments (you are welcome hose draggers)!
  • Form/Fund/Extend Strike Teams on federal-, as well as state-, and local level!
  • Enforce the laws! No more quick deals from any A/DA or A/USA for gun violation charges!
  • Parents need to be able to parent their children!
  • Instill discipline, manners and respect!
  • Live by example!
  • Be proud to be an American!

We don’t need to live in fear, but we need to be prepared. That doesn’t mean we need to live in a state of paranoia, but realistically in a state of basic alertness.

Perhaps we will not get invaded soon, but you never know. And honestly, we also don’t know what the future government of the U.S. might plan. But there are things that are around us every day, like your friendly neighborhood crook, robbers, gang members, drug dealers, kidnappers, sexual predators, home invaders, terrorists. We also have to deal with imported criminals, coming into the country from all sides, but may I suggest they come in mainly from the southern border?! And if you believe in (hostile) Aliens (or rather extra-terrestrials), perhaps, just perhaps, they will see how armed and prepared we are, and they will abort their mission to take over the world, or at least the USA. Not a guarantee though.

Our (corrupted and compromised) politicians have failed the people they are supposed to represent (not rule!) a long time ago when it comes to many things but mostly the subject of self-defense, self-reliance, really self-anything. We cannot write laws that only restrict the law-abiding citizen. This gives criminals the opportunity to out-do anyone, but also out-gun any citizen and even law enforcement. This should never happen!!

Don’t get complacent, get prepared, write out contingency plans, play the “what if” game. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no survival expert and things don’t happen overnight. But we need to work on it, step by step, day by day. Be it basic healthcare and fitness, training (firearms, medical, tactics, driving, etc), accumulating some food and water reserves, fuel, energy, currencies of all kinds, etc.

As a country we should always strive for independence, period. I get that we want to have good relations with other countries and participate in trade. But essential products (energy, medicine, armament, computer chips, computer hard- and software, raw materials, steel manufacturing, etc.) should be made here, so no one can squeeze the pipe and make us suffer because they control the manufacturing or supply chain of a certain product.

Let us stop worrying about these ridiculous first world problems and let’s start focusing on the things that are really important, together, truly as one nation under God! As you can see, things can change rather quickly and I’m pretty sure when they do the bad guys won’t care about your pronouns!

Be safe, be prepared and stay vigilant!

Jorge Estrada


GND, Waste Management & Lies

The “Save the Planet” slogan is around for probably longer than I am alive.

It seems that back in the day, Organizations like Greenpeace (are they still around?) had a more “hands on” approach than what is going on in today’s world. Now a days people are being bullied and harassed into acknowledging climate change, accepting blame in causing climate change and people are expected to pledge to fight climate change.

The driving force behind the climate change warriors are not what you might think. I bet a few individuals do have really genuine interests in keeping this planet green and clean. Their methods of accomplishing this are questionable at times.

Now, the truth behind the government driven GND agenda is money and power. Perhaps you think “this article is written by a republican and he’s just mad at the left for trying to implement new laws…etc.” While it’s true that I am a conservative republican, our planet Earth should be a non-partisan issue, don’t you think?!

Here is a .pdf on HR109:

If you take the time and read it carefully you will recognize very specific words/wordings that are being used. Words like achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, fair and just transition, ensure prosperity and economic security for all people of the United States, invest in the infrastructure to sustainably meet the challenges of the 21st century, to promote justice and equity by stopping current, preventing future, and repairing historic oppression, etc. I could go on and on but please the bill and see for yourself.

This wording is not just implying that the whole U.S. is based on slavery and oppression, but also leaves every door open for endless funding to the cause. What is appropriate funding you ask? Don’t worry, your future Democratic Socialists of America will decide that for you.

Look at these GND propaganda posters. They sure make it seem like an Utopia…. everything is clean, everyone is happy. No crime, no unemployment, no issues at all because the Democratic Socialists of America are taking care of us since everything is now Government controlled.

Back to real life now. The U.S. exports waste to foreign countries, big industries are poisoning our rivers and oceans with (toxic) waste, we are being shamed for driving gas guzzling vehicles and we are getting bullied by the government into buying an Elective Vehicle (EV) to combat climate change.

Interestingly enough, this Universe went through cycles ever since its creation. The dinosaurs were killed by climate change, and I’m going ahead and assume they didn’t drive internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. So, who says these cycles are over?

The Earth’s temperature will not lower itself by us driving EV’s. Modern ICE engines run very clean, and many have to abide by state emission testing every year and comply with its rules.

I have following common sense approach to this subject;

  • Politicians profit from insider trading and then pushing legislation to positively affect their investment. Even they don’t believe that we can lower Earth’s temperature!
  • Once you go EV you will never be as independent as with an ICE engine because what about the power grid? The power supply?
  • What about our Military and other First Responders? Will there be enough charge and a continuous supply of electricity to keep them Mission Ready at all times?
  • What if – for some reason – you can’t pay your electric bill? Then you can’t go to work either.
  • What if we are under attack? EMP? Local sabotage on you power supplier?
  • What about foreign interference on our power grid?
  • What about floods, heavy snow and ice storms?

Again, there are too many downsides to make up for the upsides.

What are the upsides of an EV? Right now, I cannot see any. And here’s why;

  • We will have to build/reconstruct/retool facilities to build these vehicles.
  • Raw materials still need to be purchased and transported, mostly from foreign countries.
  • How will they be transported (train, boat, airplane?) Of course, all those vessels are running on electricity as well, right?
  • How about the mining of the minerals needed for the batteries? Are you supporting the ongoing and ruthless exploitation of the Earth’s minerals? I mean you protest against fracking and the production of fossil fuels, but you don’t have an issue with other humongous holes in the ground to mine minerals like Lithium and Cobalt?
  • Do you support slave labor?
  • How do we recycle old and worn-out batteries? Are we just shipping them to foreign countries so we can look green and clean even though we are not?
  • Many EV’s don’t even get a 400 mile range.
  • Infrastructure still not established enough to go on larger road trips.

I can go on for a very long time with this because it appears to me that many have adopted a double standard about certain issues.

First of all, Wind and Hydro will never run zero emission and secondly, they will never replace nuclear energy. Yet, people protest against nuclear energy, with its waste being the biggest issue.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again, if we really want to reduce our waste and the negative effect that comes with it (recycling facilities are not exactly zero emission businesses), we should start at the packaging industry.

“The total generation of municipal solid waste (MSW) in 2018 was 292.4 million tons (U.S. short tons, unless specified) or 4.9 pounds per person per day.” according to the EPA. Here’s the link: https://www.epa.gov/facts-and-figures-about-materials-waste-and-recycling/national-overview-facts-and-figures-materials

What is all that trash? Mostly packaging material I’d assume. So why don’t we start here?

We also have “No Littering” signs on our roads. They are cute, but are we enforcing them?

Same with (toxic) waste that gets put into our rivers and oceans. Why are we, as a country, letting this happen? Because too many people make too much money by allowing it. Or we just send it to other countries and then we can act like we are better than everybody else because we are so clean and green, when in fact we are not. The trash is already produced, so why send it off to be recycled instead of recycling it here?!

This would also be job creation, right? But that doesn’t fit their agenda. There is more money to be made by shipping it off. Sad huh?!

We need common sense in Government, not people that are corrupted and compromised.

We need to put America and Americans first. We need to stay independent and free from foreign interference.

Things like the Green New Deal and the Democratic Infrastructure Plan will destroy this country!

Please read up on those issues and vote accordingly!



Please support the Academy ISD HS Band Wagon

Hello, we are Jorge and Jessica Estrada, and two of our three children are going to Academy ISD in Little River, Texas. We moved here from Oklahoma, but we moved to Temple solely because of the Academy school district. It is a very nice school, great teachers, and great campus overall.

Our middle child is playing clarinet in the Academy HS band, and she loves it. The band is basically a two-part activity; one part is the marching band, and the other part is a sit-down orchestra which performs in school. Marching band mainly travels with the football team, but they are also independent and go to statewide competitions.

We came to find out that the school uses regular yellow school busses to drive the kids around to games and competitions. These buses are older with no storage room and the kids are sitting in them cramped and uncomfortable.

We would like to raise funds for a dedicated travel bus for the band. It is supposed to be mainly for the HS band, but if the band doesn’t need it the bus can also be used for other sports teams (i.e. soccer, tennis, golf, track & field, baseball, basketball, powerlifting, etc.) or other activities like field trips and others.

The ideal bus would be two (2) of the one pictured, a single decker that seats around 48 people, plus it has plenty of underbelly storage room or one (1) of the newer ones that seats around 80 people.  Should we not reach our $80,000 goal, we would be happy to just get one bus. And in case we don’t even come close to the funds needed for a bus and the school graphics, we would donate the money to the school band director to acquire instruments (which can be lend to students), learning material, band/music equipment, etc. for whatever is needed so the band students can succeed.

We understand that we are asking for a lot of money from people whose children probably don’t even go to that school. America still struggles with covid, and many have lost their jobs. But this school is working so hard to keep up the spirit, conduct in-class education and teach our children that everything is possible if you put in the work.

We are not affiliated with that school, besides that our kids are going there, and we want to support our children as best as we can.

The school funding doesn’t allow for such an investment we believe, they have been working on getting a new HS building started since we moved here. It is a small district, but we love it, and we think the kids deserve it since they are all dedicated to the band, working after school, late nights, and weekends.

The school doesn’t know about our efforts to raise money for a dedicated travel bus, it is meant as a surprise.

Please donate if you can, every penny counts. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Academy ISD HS band!

Thank you.

Jorge and Jessica

Please donate here:

Go Fund Me


9/11 – 20th Anniversary

Source: Wikipedia

As I sit here, the day before the 20th Anniversary of September 11, I can’t help but to reflect on what was happening… and is happening from here on into the future.

It was a day that would shock the world. At least the parts of the world that liked the United States.

At the time of the attack I was serving in my birth country’s Army as a Corporal. When we got the news it was speculated to be a Piper or Cesna that hit one of the WTC towers. I remember laughing, saying “are these towers not big enough for the pilot to see?!” and “I’m sure a little plane like this would just bounce off…!” but no one had any idea how wrong I was. Perhaps 20 minutes after the first report we were ordered by the Battalion Commander to watch TV. “Okay” we thought… “probably more to the story than just a drunk pilot.”

After the second plane hit it was clear that this was no accident. While we didn’t sound the alarm and go on lockdown right away (we’ve been an ally to the U.S. ever since WWII) everyone was looking at President George W. Bush in regards to what was happening and how to proceed from here.

We finally locked down the base, due to threats, suggestions and assumptions floating around. Guard duty (done by soldiers, not contractors) has been doubled. Every base had to build a machine gun nest at the front gate; sand bags, MG3 and more ammo than I have ever seen. Everyone was on alert, people have been padded down, vehicles have been searched…. for weeks, months. It was crazy.

Our Regiment did not immediately deploy to the Middle East, we were still busy with KFOR (Kosovo Force) which started in 1999 and fighting was still ongoing over there. While I unfortunately never made it to Kosovo (a motorcycle accident ended my Military career while at NCO school, after having volunteered to be deployed) and therefore also neither to the Middle East, I could see how the world around me, us, changed. Many new laws have been implemented, many existing ones have been extended in their power and legality. And rightfully so.

If you look at what happened since that day in 2001, you will see that the western world has still been constantly under attack. We need brave men and women that face the dangers and fight for their country and the people.

With that being said, we did not win the war on terror. We kept it at bay for 20 years and that is that.

Now, one thing I want to make sure; all the brave men and women with boots on the ground, all the people that left their careers to sign up and fight the war on terror, you all are the true heroes!!!

Politicians have failed us, diplomatic efforts have betrayed us, greedy and power hungry officials (both elected and appointed) are destroying us. These people are no heroes, these people barely have any integrity, if any, and barely any honor, if any. Their creed is money and power and they don’t care who is paying the price as long as it is not them.

All first responders are the true heroes, and everyday men and women that refused to evacuate Ground Zero and stayed to help finding survivors!

If you still think this is a Trump vs. Biden thing you are very small minded and you probably have no desire to even want to see the bigger picture. It goes way further back than this…

Our withdrawal was botched, people died unnecessarily, we abandoned not just our structures and equipment, we also abandoned our own people as well as our allies. No one is trusting us anymore and no one will be doing business with us anymore. We came in strong, bringing the fires of hell and the fury of the American people to terrorists and now, 20 years later, we withdrew and left over 80 billion worth of equipment behind. Not to speak of a fully functional airbase….

Make no mistake; we didn’t win the war. We didn’t brake their spirit and their hatred against the western world. We made them stronger and more determined than ever before. These terrorists are patient and they have the funding…. they will be back stronger than ever. All thanks to how we reduced forces there… quick, real fast and in a hurry.

It is just a matter of time when we will be back there. Be it to rescue Americans that are still being held hostage there or to find and eradicate more members of any terrorist organization that’s hiding there after attacking us. Again.

Never forget American Airlines Flight 11, United Airlines Flight 175, American Airlines Flight 77 and United Airlines Flight 93!

Please take a minute and remember the fallen. Honor them and the sacrifices they made. Celebrate their lives!

To all heroes I want to say THANK YOU and may God bless you and the USA!

Jorge Estrada


The future of the United States of America…

A few days ago I was restricted for 7 days on facebook for wishing death to terrorists. The interesting part is that one of my “friends” must have reported it because I wrote the same statement on my business site and that one was not taken down, but the one on my personal profile was.

Anyway, this made me think… for one, I can live without facebook. Two, no one messaged me or even commented on that statement to clarify what I meant. But it’s okay…. this is just the world we live in; people see/hear/get some small info and they just assume they know what’s going on. And then they run to the “authorities” and tell without even having all the facts. And what do the “authorities” do? Well, they don’t really care because they would ask too if they really wanted to know. But they didn’t. They say you can appeal the decision if you think it was done in error but when I did I just got an error message.

Just to clarify, my comment was made after the attack on American troops and allies in Afghanistan and it was directed towards terrorists, no matter what they call themselves!

I don’t care who you voted for, but this withdrawal is a disaster and it cost 13 service members and hundreds of allies their lives. We are leaving, we are withdrawing and we are leaving behind billions of dollars worth of equipment. The terrorists should be happy and celebrating, but instead we are getting attacked as we leave.

This is the ultimate betrayal, we are being shown off to the world and made fun of! The U.S. Government should mobilize every unit that can be spared to cut down those terrorists and eradicate their evil spirits. We have the equipment and we certainly have the ability to do so!

Our Government is weak and will back down from facing true danger. Again, I mean the Government, our career politicians and NOT the troops on the ground. They are our heroes and only deserve the best we have to offer!

Speaking of danger, our country is in bigger danger than ever… for 20 years terrorists have been planning. They sure didn’t just sit in their caves and wait for the storm to blow over. They still hate us, now more than ever before probably. We cost them 20yrs of their lives…

I predict a major terrorist attack on U.S. soil within the next 12 months. These people are already here, just waiting for the go ahead from their leaders.

If our Government cannot establish leadership around the world, credible leadership that is, we (as a country) will bow down to foreign countries that don’t share our values and interests and we will always back down when faced with a conflict.

While some Americans keep on living like nothing is going on, I rather choose to be prepared. Because it’s not a matter of if, but when. They hate us, they swore to bring us down, and their forced “break” for the past 2 decades didn’t stop them nor their plans.

We need a strong Government, strong leadership on ALL levels and a mentality of “enough is enough!” We cannot accept this kind of treatment. The world is watching and the world is laughing. While some natural born Americans are spoiled and have never experienced anything different than their hometown, many others have. We appreciate the rights, freedoms and responsibilities we have in this country and we will defend it.

Our Government has been given firearms to cartel members and criminals, they have given military equipment to terrorist organizations. There is no intention of getting this equipment back or destroying it. But the same Government wants to restrict law-abiding American citizens from purchasing firearms and ammunition. Imagine this…. your own Government arms the enemy while disarming its own people…. who does this make the enemy now?

My suggestion is to articulate a contingency plan, “invest” in food, water, power, communication, weapons, mobility, etc. so you are not taken off guard when something happens. Don’t solely rely on your plastic money and electric vehicles either, have a plan and take action! We all are going to have a few cold winters ahead of us…

Y’all be safe!

Jorge Estrada


The Truth About Gun Control!

The truth about gun control. A very big statement because what is the truth and how is it that I think I know it?

Some people simply don’t like guns. I get it, they are expensive, some are heavy, some say they look scary, they are loud and smoke (some even say they stink), they require maintenance every now and then, people with improper skills might hurt their shoulder when they fire because they underestimated the recoil, and they can be deadly.

I know… you probably jump on the last point I made…. they are deadly because they are made for killing. And this is gungrabbers big argument…

Here’s the truth;

Are they made for shooting a metal projectile at a high velocity at something? Absolutely. But the manufacturers didn’t say “Made only for killing fellow humans!”

The truth is without firearms and people’s willingness to use them against a tyrannical government (Britain) the United States as you know it would not be! The truth is without firearms and people’s willingness to use it against a Evil Regime (Nazi Deutschland) you would probably speak German now. And the list goes on.

Firearms and people’s willingness to use it against evil is what keeps us Americans free from other power seeking governments.

So this is pertaining to foreign governments. Now what about today’s private gun ownership?

Private gun ownership is a right, as outlined in the U.S. Constitution. Self defense is a right as outlined in your state statue.

Many people like firearms and use them for hunting and recreational sport (target shooting). Some appreciate the fine craftsmanship that went into making them and collect fine arms, historical arms, and some even donate their firearm/s to museums. People also use firearms for self-defense and I would say this is the majority of firearms owners.

In order to understand legal gun ownership you need to understand what goes into process of purchasing it.

We always talk about law-abiding citizens. That means that if you haven’t gotten in trouble with the law you are eligible to legally purchase a firearm. There are exemptions and if you ever did get in trouble with the law you need to read up on it and perhaps even consult with an attorney. There are two parts to legally purchase a firearm from an FFL (Federal Firearms License) dealer; an ATF form 4473 that the purchaser fills out and a FBI NICS (NATIONAL INSTANT CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK) check that the dealer performs.

If you are not familiar with that form and what questions you need to answer look here;

Firearms Transaction Record (atf.gov)

Important is that the Form 4473 comes from the ATF while the NICS is done by the FBI.

So a) you have to fill out a federal form and b) undergo a FBI check.

You can lie on the form (with consequences of course if you get caught) but you still need to pass a NICS. This is not up to the dealer!!! If you pass NICS congratulations, you’ve just legally purchased a firearm. You might get delayed and perhaps even denied. If you get delayed the FBI needs more time for research (not necessarily bad), but if you get denied YOU CANNOT LEGALLY purchase, own and carry a firearm! If you go out and get one anyway you are committing a federal felony and this will get you some BOP (Federal Bureau of Prisons) time!!!

Once you legally purchased a firearm it’s up to YOU to familiarize yourself with state law! What are you rights, what are your responsibilities! This pertains to carrying a firearm, transporting it, how to store it at home, etc.

Again, this is YOUR responsibility! If you get caught carrying it but you are not eligible to carry it a “sorry I didn’t know” won’t cut it and you will have to explain yourself to a judge, which includes an arrest, a bail, an attorney if you are smart and future court dates. Because in most cases this is a misdemeanor, not just a citation!!!

If you are eligible to carry your firearm under state law congratulations. You are now legally carrying a firearm with a hell of a lot of responsibilities!!! Read up on your state law!!!! This is YOUR responsibility!!!

You also need to read up on your state law in regards to the use of a firearm in self defense. Again, this is YOUR responsibility!!! No police officer, no attorney, no judge will come to your home to educate you!

Most states allow you to defend yourself in your house and in your car. Some states have a stand your ground law which allows you to defend yourself anywhere without having to seek retreat.

I will not get into tactical decisions on how and when to defend yourself here. Because I don’t know all state laws across the U.S. and everyone perceives a threat differently.

But I tell you this; it is your right to defend yourself and your loved ones. Perhaps it never happened to you (and by God it never will!), but attacks happen daily and people need to understand that they have a choice.

Just play the “what if” game in your head. If someone kicks in your front door, what would you do? Would you hide and pray? Would you comply and hope they don’t harm you? Or would you rather stop the nightmare from happening? It is still a very traumatic event, but you and your loved ones are alive!

Now, we also had a long public discussion about arming teachers. Again, play the “what if” game. If something would happen in the school your kids go to. Would you want them to hide and pray? Or would you at least want them to have a fighting chance to survive an active shooter?

It’s important to notice that private citizens DO NOT have a duty to respond to an emergency. That means if you get robbed and someone else carries a firearm they have NO DUTY to come to your rescue! But would it be nice if someone did? Ask yourself that and be honest with yourself.

If you are in that group of people that believes that if we ban guns the criminals won’t have any, you might want to reconsider the way you think about this topic.

Criminals make their own guns (a federal felony if you don’t have the proper license!), they get their firearms from robberies. They purchase them illegally on the streets. Or they just steal them from other gangs. The also smuggle them across the border. And some coerce law-abiding citizens into purchasing a firearm from a dealer, which is called a straw purchase. The “buyer” passes the NICS but then gives the gun to someone who is not eligible under the law! A straw purchase gets you BOP time as well!

Now these are people with criminal intend. Gun control measures ONLY affect law-abiding citizens because it restricts their access to firearms and ammunition. It will not restrict criminals from doing what they do best; ignoring the law.

So if you support any kind of gun control you directly support criminals. They sit at home and laugh while legal gun ownership gets more and more restricted.

There should never be a time/situation where criminals outgun law enforcement and law-abiding citizens!

There are plenty of occasions where a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun. You can look it up yourself if you really want to find out and understand why so many people are pro-gun in this country.

But if you are still a die hard gun hater; I really would like to hear what your solution is to the violence. Violence done by people with evil intentions. Do you really think banning firearms and restricting magazine capacity will reduce violent people? It won’t, it will only reduce our ability to fight back! If a person wants to do harm they will find a way! This is the naked truth! Gun control takes your ability to defend yourself away!

Imagine your child leaving for college to a different state. Wouldn’t you want him/her to be able to defend him-/herself against evil people? And if you think they are too young to own and operate firearms, they are not! The age requirement for long guns is 18 while the age requirement for handguns is 21. Teach them young and do everything you can so that they are prepared for this world!

People talk about gun bans and defunding the police. Many officers quit their jobs because of it. How do you think we stop evil people? You put it all on the police, yet you want to “reroute” their funding. Your personal safety is YOUR responsibility. You cannot expect police to be there on time when you have an emergency. You need to have a plan for emergencies, you cannot be naïve or complacent about it. Because you might have to fight your way out before help even arrives.

If you, like my wife, like those real crime shows ask yourself what you would have done. I’m not trying to be the know-it-all expert after the fact but many many crimes and deaths would be preventable if the chosen victim or someone close-by would have had a gun. This is a fact you cannot dispute.

How do you think you can stop evil? By offering a cup of coffee and to sit down and talk it out? Do you think evil people will stop being evil if you restrict access to firearms to law-abiding citizens? Evil people will always be evil and they will do what the need in order for them to find a way to overpower you. The only chance of survival is to fight back and fight back hard. If you would rather sit down and beg for your life you give 100% of the power to the aggressor. This is what they count on… fear and intimidation through their willingness of being violent. They do not count on people to fight back and this is your advantage!

I understand that may people are afraid of “getting involved” because they are scared they might get hurt and perhaps even killed (again, no duty to respond!). But I think most people are scared of the possible legal battle that comes afterwards. If you did everything right, a good DA will not file charges against you. And even if, a good judge will not see that case. Of course you will be detained for questioning so get ready to comply and submit to hand restraints until everything is sorted out. If there are enough witnesses and their statements show that you were there to help you are good to go.

Guns in the right hands save lives!!!

Look up how many people die because of a motor vehicle driver being under some sort of influence (alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal drugs,…).

Do we call on a ban of alcohol? No, not again, we did it once, it didn’t work out.
Do we sell it only in small bottles and put a purchase limit on it? No.
Do we make it taste ugly so only hardcore alcohol lovers will still purchase and consume it? No.
Do we ban motor vehicles since they are also used in crimes? No.
Do we ban fertilizer since it’s used for bombs? No.

But you want to take away or heavily restrict people’s ability to proper defend themselves and their loved ones against evil?!

These are just examples and explanations in regards to self defense from other people, I haven’t even touched the topic of a tyrannical government. Why is a government interested in unarmed citizens? To keep you safe? Right…. help them to save you. Guess what? I don’t need the government to save me, I’m responsible for my own safety.

When Adolf Hitler was in power he disarmed the German population. He offered “turn in points” where people could just drop off their firearms without any possible repercussions, almost like the amnesty box for drugs that we have in modern times. But guess what happened?! As soon as Jewish people turned in their guns they were arrested….. for possession of firearms!!!

This is any dictators wet dream; a defenseless population. When only the government and police have guns you know you messed up. This was Nazi Deutschland!!! Remember, the SS Officer that came to your house, killed the husband, raped the wife and took the kids for “science tests” to evil Dr. Mengele was just your friendly government official, only here to help you and save you from yourself. For the greater good of course.

An order becomes unlawful when it involves the commission of a crime. Since the SS Soldiers didn’t had to fear prosecution they got away with genocide as long as the Fuehrer was in power!

Now fast forward to 2021… who is in charge of the FBI? Who decides what is being prosecuted and what is not? If both the USA (United States Attorney) and AUSA (Assistant United States Attorney) don’t have the backbone to do what’s right, this situation can become very dangerous very quick. This is just a FYI btw. I will not go further into a political discussion here.

The bottom line is that guns in the right hands save lives. Guns in the wrong hands take lives but we need brave men and women that face these kind of dangers. We cannot be afraid to defend ourselves against evil. We also cannot be afraid to defend ourselves against 4-legged predators. If you are in the boonies and the next town is 3 or more hours away, you better have a plan!

People need to be held accountable for their actions!

Millions of people carry a firearm daily, you don’t notice them and they are not the problem.

Politicians need to regulate criminals, not law-abiding citizens! This is a gross negligence on their part because they think taking away from good people stops bad people from wrongdoing.

This post is a conversation starter. Think about what I said, play the “what if” game and make a plan for unforeseen problems you could encounter.

Let us know what you think and be safe!