More than you pay for!

You know, sometimes men do think about getting something nice for their spouses. Perhaps a vacation, new shoes, jewelry, a car and/or – like in my case – a new firearm. Since my wife had deployed (for over 9 month total) I had pretty much enough time thinking about a nice welcome home present. “Well, what to get?” was my thought and after thinking for a couple of days it just came to me. In the past she sometimes mentioned how much she likes her Army issued M4 carbine, the handling of it and firing it at the range. But still, she never actually bought one for herself.

Hey, I’ve got a mission now. After doing some research and comparing different manufacturers I had a close look at American Spirit Arms (ASA). They are not just made in the USA, no. They are made in Scottsdale, AZ what is a huge plus since my wife grew up there. Arizona is also one of the biggest supporters of the 2nd Amendment, simply by having outstanding gun laws.
Anyway, after contacting ASA I was convinced this is the company I want to go with. Christine “Chris” Sirochman (Director of Manufacturing and Retail) is a very friendly, patient and knowledgeable gun gal that knows what she’s talking about. After a decent amount of emails filled with questions I finally opted for their M4A3 carbine. Only to keep it real close to that type of weapon my wife is issued at work, so she didn’t have to get used to it much. Also, we are no Mall Ninjas nor are we part of the unfortunate Tacti-cool movement and therefore I chose something that makes sense and can hold up at the range as well as in an emergency situation.


The carbine I ordered was of course chambered in 5.56mm and came with a nitrided 16” barrel with 1:7 twist, flat top with MIL-STD 1913 rail (also known as Picatinny rail), removable carry handle, carbine length gas system, six position collapsible stock and A2 fixed front sight. The carbine ships in a hard case and includes one 30rd magazine as well as a sling.


Both receivers are made out of 7075 aluminum alloy what is strong and comparable to many steels. Further is the carbine equipped with a semi auto bolt carrier and the barrel has a surface hardness of about 59-62 Rockwell according to ASA.


My wife was very happy (she still is!) and took it with to the range. She used Federal XM855F ammo (62 gr. FMJ) and likes everything about it. The balance as well as the quality is outstanding she says. I honestly haven’t shot it yet, but I will soon. All I can say right now is that it looks and feels very nice. One of the points I look out for is the gap/play in between upper and lower receiver (I hate it, I’m telling you). The ASA carbine is one of a few carbines that are really nice and tight fitted. “You get what you pay for” is the saying and you actually get a lot more for your hard earned $ when you order from American Spirit Arms. Did I mention the guaranteed accuracy of 1MOA as well as the lifetime warranty?


Check it out: http://www.americanspiritarms.com


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