Watch your feet…

A few months ago I felt tired of wearing different kinds of boots and something new was needed. I was looking for some shoes that I can wear all day every day and in all terrains. It should look nice, sporty and must be black in color. Those were my must haves since I have enough colorful running shoes and other footwear. I found that kind of shoe in the Under Armour (UA) Mirage (Style 1201539).


The Mirage is a lightweight shoe (weighs only 12.6 oz.) and all black in color. Furthermore it is or has (according to the manufacturer);

  • Designed for stability and cushioning on rough terrain.
  • Mid-volume Cartilage® Precision Handling™ and Under Armour’s unique Directional Cushioning Engineering (DCE®) system provide integrated cushioning, stabilization, and propulsion.
  • ArmourLastic® absorbs shock at critical impact zones in the heel and forefoot for maximum protection.
  • ArmourGuide® ensures efficient foot-strike guidance from impact to propulsion.
  • ArmourBound® delivers maximum responsive cushioning.
  • Ventilated internal FootSleeve® is engineered to hug the foot and eliminate sliding and extra bulk.
  • Smooth transition technology keeps the foot in constant contact throughout the gait cycle, creating more stability and mid-foot support.
  • 6mm of Cartilage®.
  • 6mm of forefoot ArmourLastic®.

Since I knew my size with UA shoes it was an easy task to order the shoes online. When they arrived I put them on right away and wore them the rest of the day. My first impression was “nice” and “comfortable.” I wore those shoes several days in a row for about 15 hours a day and only took ‘em off when I went to bed. I used them daily if different terrains. They perform on asphalt just as good as on dirt/grass. But were they impressed me the most was on our hiking trips to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in SW Oklahoma. The Mirage’s are having such traction, I never felt insecure while hiking/climbing those mountains. They don’t slip at all. This was an absolutely positive experience, since lots of boots and other shoes tend to slip (or at least you feel some kind of insecure at times). while hiking/climbing.


On the downside I have only two things to share. One; the Mirage is a summer shoe where the key word is summer. As soon as it’s chilly outside you will get cold feet. The mesh is really thin. The other negative thing is that (at least on my pair) the seam right next to the big toe on the right shoe seems to separate. Even though these shoes are really comfortable and light, after not even 100 miles of use, the seams shouldn’t separate. But again, perhaps it’s just my pair. I can recommend the UA Mirage without hesitation. What? Shoe reviews in a Firearms Blog you ask? Well, not all incidents where you have to deploy your handgun happen in your home while you are barefoot. When you’re out you want to have comfortable shoes that allow you to have a safe stance. These shoes, due to its features are a very good choice for all kinds of occasions. I would even recommend them for Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) that doesn’t want to wear steel toe shoes or boots. Check ‘em out next time you go shopping for shoes!


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