Factory Tour – American Spirit Arms 07/07/14

Many of you heard of American Spirit Arms (ASA), based in sunny Scottsdale, AZ. I’m not sure if you knew that ASA is actually two companies. On the one side is ASA, the firearms, -parts and -accessories retail outlet and on the other side is JPS Manufacturing, which takes care of all things engineering and manufacturing. They don’t just do firearms, JPS also provides contract manufacturing for industries including aerospace, semi-conductor, medical, commercial, military and automotive.


JPS Manufacturing is member of the National Robotics League, Arizona Tooling and Machining Association and National Tooling and Machining Association. With that being said, you can see that there’s a lot of knowledge and experience around those two companies.

The owner, Mr. Joe Sirochman started out in that business with manufacturing automotive parts before buying the already existing business American Spirit Arms in 2007. ASA had a difficult kind of owner before and immediately after taking over Mr. Sirochman learned quickly that ASA had a bad reputation regarding customer service and quality. But instead of changing the name he kept it, because it’s American Spirit, that’s why.

And ever since the takeover he set the goal to produce the highest quality parts, accessories and complete rifles as well as providing an excellent customer service.
All materials used by JPS/ASA must be originated in the USA. Chris (aka Christine) Sirochman (Director of Manufacturing & Retail) will not accept materials that origin is from outside the United States. She will not hesitate to send back a full truck load of material. Therefore all parts and complete firearms are 100% made in USA.

All material that is being received undergoes an initial quality inspection. And whenever a part is moving to the next station in the manufacturing process, the employee that is currently working on it now double checks the previous employee’s work. Work that is unsatisfactory will be send back to the prior station to make it right. ASA has an Inspection- as well as a Handfinishing room. This is where all items will end up in the whole manufacturing process, sooner or later.


ASA uses modern machinery, including a Makino a51 Horizontal Machining Center, Matsuura ES-450H Horizontal Machining Center, DAEWOO PUMA 10HC CNC Lathe, Mitsubishi Wire EDM – Model BA24 (Electric discharge machining) as well as many others. EDM and broaching was outsourced in the past, but with purchasing such machine ASA is now in total control of schedule and quality.

ASA manufactures all of their products in-house. Their lower receivers are forged aluminum and the barrels that ASA uses are nitrided. Even though they still have some chrome lined ones in stock (and listed online), the best thing you can do if you want to order, is to call and specify what exactly you want. ASA assured me that they can accommodate special requests and full custom builds to customer specification.
Did you know that ASA also produced a handful of 1911 style pistols? Neither did I, but the reason why they don’t do it anymore is the issue with sourcing the right raw materials to produce a 100% made in USA pistol. Some, if not most of the material comes from Asia, according to Mrs. Sirochman.

I have heard that CEO Mr. Joe Sirochman really pays attention to detail and this attitude I like very much. The first thing I look for when handling a M4 type carbine (after the mandatory safety procedure) is the play between upper and lower receiver. I cannot stand it and when customers, friends and other firearms enthusiasts tell me that this is normal my hair in my neck stand up. My wife owns an ASA made M4A3 carbine and there’s absolutely no play, just like we expect it. It runs flawlessly and we enjoy it very much. Therefore I can tell you with my hand over my heart that the quality issues of the past are gone.


Mr. Sirochman also is a “hands on” CEO as you can see in some of the pictures. Sometimes he fully jumps in to production, just to make sure it gets delivered on time with the right quality.

ASA prides themselves with their quality standards and therefore sells all of their firearms with a lifetime warranty that is connected to the firearm, not the owner. As long as you have the receipt (a copy is fine) you are good to go. So I’m sorry Taurus International MFG, Inc., but your claim simply is not true! Btw, all firearms that leave the facility are being test fired with at least 3 rounds, plus they come with a guaranteed accuracy of 1MOA or less.


ASA produces (depending on demand) about 50-100 rifles per month, not including independent assemblies and components and employs 15 people at the time of the tour.


ASA’s showroom is filled with fine rifles, carbines, accessories, ammunition and apparel. A certified gunsmith and ex. Marine is right there, working in the showroom across the glass display counter, available to everyone that enters the facility. He can repair, inspect and explain things right in front of the customers. ASA employees take pride in their work and you can see it, in a positive way.

The facility is very clean, all employees are very friendly and knowledgeable and there is enough parking space available for all of their customers.


Scottsdale is an awesome city and if you happen to be there please take the time to visit ASA. Even if you just want to say hello and see for yourself what I just told you. If you don’t happen to stop by because you live too far away, don’t hesitate to call and ask them all the questions you want. ASA’s products are of high quality, they are reasonable priced and they give Military discount.

Their websites are:

http://www.americanspiritarms.com/ and


American Spirit Arms
16001 N Greenway/Hayden Loop, Suite B
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Phone: 480.367.9540
Fax: 480.367.9541

Showroom Hours:

Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm, Friday 9am-2pm
Saturday by appointment only

All pictures can be seen on our ESTRADA ARMORY facebook site


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