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Are you prepared?

“For what?” you might ask. According to the FBI, in 2012 were an estimated 1,214,462 violent crimes reported to Law Enforcement, incl. 14,827 murders, 84,376 forcible rapes, 354,520 robberies and 760,739 aggravated assaults.

Click the picture for the link to the FBI report]

I apologize for the 2012 FBI statistic, but that’s the most recent I could find.

Those numbers are violent crimes only, not including property crimes!

Now I’m asking again; are you prepared?

You don’t have to be a Superhero to prepare yourself against crime. Oftentimes, if you are prepared, you can avoid getting into a dangerous situation and/or being the victim of a crime.

Situational Awareness is the key ingredient and the first thing you need to think about. I see many people looking just a few feet ahead of them when they are walking. It’s easy for a semi-pro criminal to choose you as a victim and engage in a street robbery. I also see lots of people standing at the ATM, their cell phone in one hand and while constantly babbling, operating the ATM with their other hand. It’s too easy to walk up behind, catch the pin, follow you, rob you later of your goods where no surveillance camera is around, only to go straight back to an ATM to get all of your money before you can report your card stolen. Because the criminal got everything, incl. your cellphone from you. Leaving you just with the cloths that you are wearing somewhere, wherever the criminal decided to rob you. Luckily you didn’t get raped this time. But maybe next time? Male rapes occur too I’ve heard, so this can’t just happen to women.

Don’t be a victim! Think about it before you leave the house. That’s what criminals do. They make a plan, go out and try to execute. And you have to do the same. This has nothing to do with being paranoid. It’s called being prepared. Sure, you can’t prepare yourself for everything, but you sure can be ready if a street robbery might take place. Remember, most criminals are cowards that attack seemingly weak people that look like easy targets. If you show them that you are paying attention to your surroundings, you just have made yourself a hard(er) target. Changes that they move on to look for a different target are high.

Here is my take on how to prepare yourself, what to do and what to buy.

Be aware of your surroundings.
No matter if you are walking, standing or sitting in your vehicle or at the Cafe with your friends. Look up every once in a while and scan the surroundings.

Rely on your gut feeling.
Mostly it’s correct, so if anything seems/feels wrong it might be wrong.

Always remember where you are.
It’s easily forgotten once you call 911, especially if you are nervous/afraid.

Always lock the doors of the vehicle once you got in.
That makes sure that no criminal can get into the rear of your vehicle.

Look over your shoulders before you open your vehicle.
This prevents a criminal from forcing you inside your vehicle.

If you feel like people are following you
(per foot or vehicle doesn’t matter), make a stop somewhere. Make a U-turn or drive a different route to your next designation. I especially recommend that if it happens on your way home!

Keep your fuel tank above ½ full.
Just in case you are being followed. Call 911 and tell the operator you want to talk to a LEO. Tell the LEO where you going to and don’t stop until they arrive. Ask the LEO for instructions on what to do after they pulled that vehicle over.

These are some tips that don’t cost you a dime. Just be aware. But those don’t save you from being attacked. It’s always possible, anytime and anywhere.

Here are some steps you can take in order to survive an attack.

Take self-defense classes.
There are many schools out there covering many styles. Find the right one for you.

Buy a firearm and learn how to use it.
That means invest in a firearm, ammunition, carry gear (belt, holster, magazine carrier) and training. Take the concealed carry class so you can legally carry your firearm. Make sure you know the law. Always carry it on your person, not inside your purse, man bag notebook bag and such.

Buy an OC spray (Oleoresin Capsicum);
in other words pepper spray. It is an alternative, but you need to understand that it’s not a 100% solution. Some people can fight off the effects of OC, especially criminals that have been incarcerated before and participated in riots, were resisting or attacking Correctional Officers. You also need to consider the wind direction before deploying your OC spray. That all takes a long time, so you need to practice to be proficient. Just like with everything else. If you consider carrying OC, please take a class or at least spray yourself so you know the effect. Just in case.

Buy a pocket knife.
There are many reasons why to carry a knife. Make sure it’s legal in your area and lean how to deploy it quickly.

Buy a kubotan.
Some like having this on their key chain. But I prefer a tactical pen. It serves more purposes, you can carry it in your pocket and if you need it you don’t have to fumble with your key chain. Of course, a key chain is better that nothing if the attacker in on top of you.

Buy a baton.
Make sure it’s legal in your area before purchase. You can leave it in your vehicle.

Buy a Taser.
But understand that for “affordable” tasers you need to be up close to the attacker. If you want a taser that shoots a cartridge you will spend as much money as a firearm cost.

Please be aware; no matter if knife, OC spray, baton, kubotan or “affordable” taser. Those weapons can only be deployed in Close Quarters Battle (CQB).

The only way to keep the distance between you and the attacker is either a firearm or cartridge shooting taser!

Take a first aid class and
uy more than just one first aid kit.
Keep one in your vehicle and the other one at home/office/work/etc. In case you are wounded in a rural area and EMS might take a longer time until they arrive.
A first aid class combined with your first aid kit can be your life saver!

These are things that cost you money, but they are worth it. See it as a life insurance for you and your loved ones.

Last but not least,
take a class or read a book about mental preparedness.
If you become victim of an attack you need to fight for your life. Don’t listen to those that say “just give them what they want” or “just let them rape you, at least they don’t kill you” and other stuff. That’s just BS. Once you give in you automatically handed them all the power over you and you destiny. Don’t leave it up to them, it’s up to YOU! FIGHT! Imagine what they can to you and your loved ones.

Take the steps to be aware. Prepare yourself and don’t be a victim.

An article about home defense is in the making.

If you have any questions, comments, etc. please contact me directly via email;

Thank you for taking the time reading this.

Stay safe.


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