Anti-2nd Amendment


The 2nd Amendment; some love it, some hate it. And some couldn’t care less about it. If you belong to the group that doesn’t care, okay. It’s your choice. But what is it really with all the hatred? Why do people hate the 2nd Amendment? Is it because they fear firearms? Or do they think that no one needs them?

Well, let’s start at the beginning and then we try to filter everything so everyone can understand it. And then perhaps some want to rethink their current mindset.

The 2nd Amendment is part of the United States Constitution (Bill of Rights) and protects the right of the individuals to keep and bear arms.

With that being said, it’s a right. And not a want, need or could. The Supreme Court of the U.S. has ruled so, even though they do not prohibit the regulation of firearms.

So now we have two different things going on here. On one side we have a right and on the other side we have regulation(s). Sometimes they work better together (i.e. Arizona, Alaska and Oklahoma, just to name a few), but sometimes they don’t, because of ridiculous measures from human beings (i.e. California and New York).

But my question is; “what has really been accomplished with implementing those laws and regulations?”

We face limited magazine capacities as well as design regulations on long guns in New York.

For instance, the haters tell us that we don’t need AR15/M4 magazines with a capacity of 30 rounds. 10 rounds are enough. Same applies for handgun magazines – 10 rounds maximum. Did anyone ever ask them why? What is the point? Because if I can only have a maximum capacity of 10 rounds, I will simply carry more spare magazines with me. An average magazine change will take ~3 seconds. A trained shooter will do it even quicker.

So what are you going to do in those 3 seconds? Crawling deeper under your desk? Telling the 911 operator on the phone to hurry the hell up because you need a good guy with a gun really bad?

Now, what exactly did the regulation of the magazine capacity do for you? Did it prevent a bad situation from happening? No!

Another example is the design regulation of M4 style weapons in New York. Take the Black Rain Ordnance BRO-PG5-NY for instance. It is still a semi-automatic rifle, right? 16” barrel, 5.56mm caliber, rails, sight ready, etc. And we already talked about magazine changes. So what is the point of this regulation? To make NY compliant rifles look ugly? Would it prevent a bad situation from happening? No!

2nd Amendment haters need to understand that their efforts do nothing for this country; they are only wasting our tax money. YOUR tax money!

It doesn’t matter how many rounds it holds and how ugly it looks. If someone wants to do something bad with it, they are going to do it. Period.

How can those people look in the mirror and say “yes, I’m doing the right thing!”

It’s the people that choose to do either good things with it or bad things.

Criminals are sitting on their couches, watching TV and probably laugh as hard as they can over this whole gun ban crusade. Guess what? Even if you take all the firearms away, criminals would still have them to overpower their victims. Remember criminals? These are the people that don’t care about laws… so they really welcome more firearms related laws and regulations, don’t you think? Those are voters; they will keep anti-gun politicians in business. And all it does is to make sure criminals get what is good for them. Finding helpless victims!

Break ins, robberies, rapes, killings… most of them are preventable. Or at least you can fight back after being attacked. But we have to step up and do something. Firearm laws and –regulations are to a point useless, because it’s only affecting law-abiding citizens. And the law-abiding citizen is not the problem here!

Do you think that anti-gun millionaires and -billionaires live a life without firearms? Right, because their bodyguards only carry pepper spray and a baton. But who are they anyways, telling us that we need and don’t need?! What does make them a good leader? Money? No.

You hate guns, but someone with a gun is breaking into your home and holding you hostage. Perhaps raping your spouse and let’s your children watch. What are you going to do? Beg for their life’s and yours? Sit down and talk things out? Or do you hope that a good guy with a gun knocks on your door?

Don’t be a fool. Don’t think it will never happen to you. It can happen to anyone, anytime. Just ask the surviving victims.

If you choose not to own/carry firearms, that’s fine. No one is forcing you to do so. But it also doesn’t put you in a position of telling others what or what not they need or can and cannot have.

Let’s take it a step further. You already probably hate me by now. But I can take it and I will even raise the bar a little.

Do you really trust your government? Do you think that they will take care of you if you are in trouble? Do you think your government comes to your aid if you are in an area where gangs and terrorists are active? Just ask southern Arizona ranchers…

If you are willing to give up your firearms and therefore the 2nd Amendment, you might as well give up all your other rights with it.

Do you think we would have had slavery if blacks would have been armed back then? Do you think the Holocaust in Europe would have happened without total gun control?

We live in a time where many people don’t hold themselves accountable anymore. They have a false sense of entitlement and expect others to take care of everything. And if something bad happens to them they blame others.
You cannot just demand action, you have to take action!

This is a free country, make your choice.

Do you want to be the whiny, non-thinking lemming from the video game that just follows others because it’s easy? Or do you want to step up, be accountable for your actions and help lead this country back to its old glory?

The 2nd Amendment is just one part of the constitution. But with it our nation will either stand or fall. Your choice. Be responsible and take action.

Would you like to comment? The send an email to info@estrada-armory.com


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